As the second largest city in Nevada and a prime location just 26km outside of Las Vegas, Henderson is a property hotspot in high demand.

Home to shopping malls, movie theaters, concert venues, restaurants, casinos, arts and cultural programs, 29 elementary schools, nine middle schools, nine high schools and Nevada State College, Henderson is an attractive place to live for professionals, young couples, families and older people.


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When you add to the mix the fact that the city was previously ranked No. 66 in “Best Places to Live” by CNN Money and also previously ranked second in Forbes’ list of “America’s Safest Cities”, it really is no surprise that Henderson is such a popular area.

However, the city stretches a total of 279.0 km2, and of course, there are some neighborhoods that are far more attractive to live than others.

As the team here at Elite Concrete are locals, we work in all areas of Henderson and we’ve had the pleasure of working with homeowners in all communities.

If you are considering buying or building a home in Henderson, here are the 5 top neighborhoods to consider:

* Note the order in which the neighbourhoods appear is not indicative of their ranking in our top 5. We would love to live in any of the 5 neighborhoods below!

  1. Paradise Hills

Paradise Hills has quite the elusive name and it doesn’t disappoint. It scores top marks for safety and is a very popular area for families with its proximity to schools being a key factor.

With a median house value of $280,000, it is also one of the more affordable “good” neighborhoods to live in, providing a blend of economical property prices, a high safety rating and a strong selection of jobs and amenities.

  1. Green Valley Ranch

Green Valley Ranch always tends to rank highly year after year on lists of the best neighborhoods to live in Henderson.

Residents of Green Valley Ranch have the luxury of a hotel, casino and spa located in the neighborhood. Known as one of the more affluent neighborhoods in the city, median prices for properties in Green Valley Ranch are still reasonably affordable – you can expect to pay about $302,000 on average for a property.

  1. Lake Las Vegas

This is one of the smaller neighborhoods in the city but given that it sits around a 320 acre artificial lake, it by far offers the most prime views and serenity.

It is certainly the luxury area to live in Henderson, with the median house price coming in in the region of $415,000. However, you will join an elite community of just 2,000, largely consisting of families and older couples.

  1. Green Valley South

A popular neighborhood for professionals, 15% of Green Valley South’s near 22,000 population are aged 25-34. While it isn’t the biggest local employment haven, it makes up for that in amenities, scoring 8.5 for amenities with HomeSnacks.

It’s known for being one of the safer areas too and with a median property price of circa $221,000, it is a great place for professionals to purchase a home and get on the property ladder.

  1. Westgate

Our list would not be complete without the popular neighbourhood of Westgate. Ranked highly for its safety, the area is also abundant with many amenities, including lots of coffee shops and parks.

This neighbourhood is very popular with retirees and families. With a median property price of $300,000, it might not be the most affordable area but if you are looking to settle down in Henderson, Westgate is the perfect place.

We’ve used a combination of resources including HomeSnacks ratings combined with our local knowledge of Henderson to bring you this list. We hope you find it useful in finding the location of your next/new home in Henderson!

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