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Concrete Pouring and Finishing in Henderson: A Quick Guide


We’re always getting loads of questions about concrete pouring and finishing: what’s involved and what it means for you.

With this in mind, we’ve put together some information to give you to read over;

Pouring the perfect concrete flatwork is quite an art, believe it or not! Although it might seem like quite a simple task, there are a lot of aspects that could impact the finish and longevity of the surface.

It’s important to make sure the ground area is properly prepared, or concrete can crack over time.

Before we start pouring, we also make sure any surrounding objects and surfaces are well protected to make sure no unsightly concrete gets where it shouldn’t do.

A few minutes spent preparing an area can save a lot of work later on. We also dampen the area to ensure the longest possible setting time: a must in our hot climate.

We then work in small sections to ensure a smooth finish by pouring the concrete and working by hand to scrape an even surface until we have completed the area.

In order to finish the concrete, we start by using a screed to move the concrete into all of the areas where it is being laid and then run a bull float over the surface perpendicular to the direction it was screed.

This helps to level it and remove any surface blemishes introduced by the screed board. We then knock down any ridges created by the bull float with a trowel, after having left the concrete to settle for a short while.

An edger and hand float are used to create a perfect finish around the surface and we always wait to ensure the concrete is sufficiently dry before undertaking this task- too wet and the finish will already be spoilt.

We’ll then use a broom to create a small amount of traction to reduce the slip element of the surface. What it’ll be used for depends on how much surface traction we’ll introduce.

As well as mastering the basics, there are many other finishes that our team can achieve, including control joints, stamping and coloured concrete.

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When you choose to bring us aboard on your latest project, you’re not dealing with corporate box-tickers but a friendly, personable team who get great satisfaction out of giving that personal touch.

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Client Testimonials

I needed to get a concrete patio installed in my mom’s house and these guys did a great job. Big shout out to Miguel! Would highly recommend. 


We just moved into Westgate and our house needed some work. We had been putting off doing the yard for ages but my husband finally decided that it couldn’t wait any longer. I found these guys online and Miguel came out to give me a free estimate for the work. He talked me through everything from start to finish and put my mind at ease. All work was carried out on time, within budget and, most importantly, to a very high standard. I love our new concrete patio and walkways so thank you guys. Best wishes, Kym. 


I wanted a stamped concrete driveway as I don’t have a very large space. I picked the colors myself and the design came out better than I had hoped. Awesome job and great value for money. 


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